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Our Story

Daniel Moe is not your typical fashion designer, he is an engineer with a passion for innovation and art.

in the beginning

Moe launched his first experimental collection in March 2020. That same year Moe was nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2020 for planning the full life-cycle of a garment.

The design

The design is inspired by the traditional clothing of the Sámi. Its spacious design allows for movement while herding reindeer and layering during unpredictable weather. The clothing is often made from natural materials such as wool.

lets make a change

According to the sustainable apparel coalition's report the use of leftover fabrics can greatly reduce the environmental footprint of textile production. The organization estimates that utilizing these materials can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30%, water consumption by up to 40%, and waste generation by up to 80%.

made in sweden

Our head office is on Bjurholmsgatan 20 Stockholm where we also have a showroom. Rekotex provides us with the leftover fabrics and Textilfabriken handcraft our pieces, both in Borås, the cradle of the Swedish textile industry.